Saturday, January 26, 2013

Shelving Dilema Update

We removed the panelling behind the bar today only to reveal little to no space to work with. So much for recessed shelving. Susan isn't crazy about the wall to wall shelves so we are going to have to rethink this.

If you have any suggestions about other shelving options we would love to hear them.

Shelving Help

One of my projects for the downstairs den is to have some sort of shelving behind to bar. Currently we just have all of our glasses and booze hidden behind the bar which is pretty messy looking and not very practical. We are in the process of taking down the wood panelling so we can insulate and put up drywall down there. I'll post more about that later. Since we are tearing out the walls I thought it might be a good opportunity to create some kind of built in shelving behind the bar.

Here is an old picture of our bar setup.

At first I was thinking we could make built in shelves that would just go the length of the bar, like this.

Then I thought they would look better if they filled most of the wall.

I was also thinking I could skip the recessed part and build a wall of shelves instead.

We are leaning towards recessed shelves because there is not that much space behind the bar. Also, Susan is not a fan of the wall of shelves for this spot. However, I kind of like walls of shelves so we are undecided.

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Here is a 4th option we came up with.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Finial Frenzy!

Happy 2013 everyone! We have an "Our Modern Mess Year in Review" in the works but I felt that this find warranted an immediate post.

Are you a vintage purist who scoffs at inexpensive (or even very expensive) reproductions of designs from the past? Then stop reading now if you wish to hold on to your respect for us, or continue reading if you wish to judge us. Last year for Christmas we bought a vintage finial from an Etsy seller to top our tree.

Ok, that is a terrible picture, but it is already packed away. You're just going to have to imagine that it is really pretty.

Since then I have been very keen to find even more finials. I wanted to have a nice display like this on a table

or even a crazy mantle display like this

It hasn't happened yet. While there are many nice looking vintage finials to be found on the internet, once you add in shipping they start to get a little pricey. Also, they are often lovely in the pictures but not as bright in person. But, as I was walking through JC Penney today I came across this

A bargain hunter's dream! A whole bunch of Christopher Radko reproduction Shiny Brite finials! The tall, thin ones were $8 and the shorter, fatter ones were $10. I bought 4.

The initial plan was to choose one we liked and return the rest but I just don't know. They're all so pretty! I guess you'll have to check back in with us next Christmas to find out what happened. So hurry my finial-loving friends! Get thee to a JC Penney before I go and buy the rest of them