Friday, September 4, 2009

Our den!

We just got done snazzing up the kitchen. We'll post pictures once we get them together. While you're waiting, a look at the den! Before and after...ish.

We love the den. It's the room we hang out in the most. It has a wet bar and an awesome fireplace! When we first purchased the home then den was a bit.... dark.

<span class=IMG_5975">

Maybe they were trying to mimic the original wood paneling?

Behind the wet bar wasn't dark. Just kind of blah
<span class=IMG_5972">
(While we're on the topic of the wet bar lets discuss the counter top. It most certainly needs an upgrade, but to what? Any thoughts are welcome!)

I decided I could not handle the cave-like atmosphere so the first day in the house we did some priming.
<span class=IMG_4445">

<span class=IMG_4446">

After much debate and a million of those cute little sample paint cans we decided on this blue:
<span class=IMG_4516">

Those are all the shots I have currently. We have made some other den improvements recently. Very exciting.


  1. Great paint choice. It already makes the room feel lighter and bigger. I really wish the hubby and I had taken more "before" pictures of our disaster of a home. Luckily, we videotaped the entire place right before we began our intense 2- week cleaning escapade. We watched the home-video on our 1yr homeowner-anniversary and thought, "man, what were we thinking!" In the end, it's all worth it.

  2. it's amazing what a paint job can do!

    that wet bar is (or, perhaps, will be) quite cool. since it looks like it's a pretty small countertop space, i'd really recommend asking about scrap peices. a peice that size is not likely to be useful for, say, a kitchen remodel, so you may be able to get a good deal on something nice.