Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let there be light.

So even before I owned a house I always knew I wanted a George Nelson bubble lamp. Today that dream has come true thanks to my bosses Mark and Loren. This was a wedding gift for Susan and I. I am lucky to work with such good people and even luckier that they have good taste. Now on to the pictures! Oh, and apparently it is a bad idea to take a picture using the flash when a person is working with live wires. Sorry dad, but thanks for the help.

I already find myself just standing there staring at the light with a smile on my face. I'm sure Susan thinks I'm a weirdo.


  1. It looks awesome, guys! I love it! (PS - I live in the 'hood on Summitridge. Our house got flooded and is being remodeled. My name is Stephanie, my husband is Len and our son is Sam. You may see him playing out front sometimes. He's 11. Anyway - belated welcome to Northcrest. We've only been here a year and a half. Would love to meet you both sometime!)

  2. Totally digging your bubble lamp. Can't go wrong with Nelson.