Thursday, December 3, 2009

Out with the old in with the new.

According to Susan I am something of a lamp tramp. So I am sure you will see a lot of posts about lights from me on here. My latest find happened when I was walking around Handy Ace Hardware. Handy is one of those hardware stores that has things on the shelves from years ago. So it's always fun to see what you can find there.

I was excited to see they had curved glass lights with retro patterns on them. Usually when I see these lights they just have a white glass. So I had to get this as soon as I saw it. I painted the base of the light silver to fancy it up a bit because the original white was not doing it for me. I also got a chrome fastener for the glass because it came with a cheap looking white plastic nut. This light will be a big improvement over the single light that was there before. Enjoy the before and after shots.


  1. Very Nice! I like the bathroom light for sure....Our bathrooms were totally gutted of the original stuff and I am always on the look for vintage/vintage looking lamps for them. I have to say, maybe we'll check out Handy but we heard that the new store was just as much of a mess as the old one!

    Also, congratulations!

  2. Hi, my husband and I also live in Northcrest. Just found your blog. It is always interesting to see how neighbors are renovating and remodeling. We have the same peach colored bathroom. I think your light fixture looks great! I was wondering what type of paint you used on the backplate? I have bought a couple of silver spray paints to experiment but yours looks really nice. Is it a chrome or stainless steel, etc. and is it a spray paint? Thanks, Amanda J.