Sunday, February 26, 2012

Color Options

The trim has been put on and everything is sanded and ready to go. However, I still can't decide what color to paint/stain the pantry. Here are some painting options we are thinking about. Which one do you like?

Please keep in mind that the walls will be white, the kitchen cabinets are a minty pistachio color and the trim throughout the house is dark gray.

Option 1 - White trim and white doors

Option 2 - White trim and mint doors

Option 3 - White trim and gray doors

Option 4 - Mint trim and white doors

Option 5 - Mint trim and mint doors

Option 6 - Mint trim and gray doors

Option 7 - Gray trim and white doors

Option 8 - Gray trim and mint doors

Our only other option would be painted trim and stained doors. The problem with that is what color to stain the doors. The ceilings are one color, the floors are another color and most of the doors in the house are painted. Also, there is no wood in the kitchen so I worry it may seem out of place. I hate having so many options to choose from.


  1. How about a Mondrian treatment using your colors or tones thereof, like this:

    1. I thought about doing a Mondrian look because I am a big fan of it. However, as much as I like seeing it in other people's houses I don't feel like it would be the right fit for ours. I may photoshop it up though just to see what it would be like though.

      Oh and I love that cabinet that you posted. Is that your blog?

    2. Wish I could claim credit for that blog, but no, it's not mine. Along with yours, it's a new fave of mine.

      Re going Mondrian: my sense is if you keep the tones close to each other -- maybe with one contrasting panel that pops -- it could fit in nicely.

  2. I prefer option 8, but i do have a few questions.

    would you mind contacting me?

    My name is John Moore