Sunday, September 11, 2011

The most adorable way to clear a yard

We had a VERY exciting week over here!

Since we bought the house our backyard has been a jungle. We don't have any official "before" shots but if you look in the background of these pictures you will get the idea.

Now, take what you just saw and multiply it by 20 or maybe 200. Only then can you understand what the yard was like. We couldn't even walk back there for fear of falling in a hole, getting bitten by a snake or being lost for all eternity. Every time I attempted a venture I would get a horrible case of poison ivy.

We got a lot of estimates from lawn companies to clear everything out. They were all laughably expensive. So after much (well, not really) debate, we hired a much cheaper (and more adorable) alternative!

Eweniversally Green!

The guys came to our house and set up an electric fence....

...that runs on solar power!

Then the real fun started!

Sheep and goats in the yard!

Lyndsay was the friendliest lady.

Ruby is the Anatolian Shepherd who makes sure everyone stays safe.

Nom nom nom!

In this video the sheep are being herded so that the fence area can be widened. You get to see the border collie at work and a cute puppy in training at the end!

We miss our temporary livestock. They made the house a lot more exciting. However, it is great that they're gone because look at the yard! We can walk back there!

Before they came EVERYTHING in those pictures was completely covered in English and poison ivy (as well as some terrifying spiny thing that would wrap itself around your pant leg and refuse to let go). We had been fighting it for months. The sheep and goats happily munched it all away in a matter of days. Now we can see that what we thought were mounds of dirt are actually trees. Hooray!? There are some other random goodies we will post about later

We tip our hats to you, Eweniversally Green! Thanks for giving us our yard back in the most amusing way possible. If you are reading this, tell Lyndsay we said hello!


  1. Wow they did a great job! I would love for them to come take care of the poison ivy in the wooded portion of the yard. How will you keep all this from growing back?

  2. Delia,

    The first thing we are doing is cutting down pretty much everything that is not a pine tree. We are also pulling up some of the vines where the ivy was more concentrated. Hopefully in a week or two we will rent a tiller and till the whole back yard which will chop up all the roots and remaining vines.

  3. There's been a lot of talk in these parts about that roving band of goats -- looks like they did a great job for you! Kudzu, English ivy, poison ivy (I'll bet), Virginia creeper, etc., is very difficult to remove from a GA yard once it takes over. Great to see these guys in action.

  4. glad to read this! I am going to call them, and tell them that I found out through you! Thanks!