Sunday, October 31, 2010

HALLOWEEN at the O'Cropolis!

Here are just a few pics of what Halloween is like at our house. Sorry for the poor night shots. I really do need to get a better camera one day.

Halloween! The day on which we traumatize our pets! -Susan

Susan did a great job making this bat lamp thanks to an idea from Martha Stewart.

I buy Martha's Halloween mags every year and this is the first year I've managed to make a decoration from one!-Susan

These were really easy to make but I am sad I couldn't take a good picture of them. They looked really good in person.


  1. It looked great from the outside! (Maryann)

  2. When I grow up and own a house, this is the kind of grownup I want to be.

  3. Looks fantstic! I might take a crack at making a "bat-lamp" next year.

  4. The bat-lamp was very easy to make. Susan just layered up some black construction paper so she only had to cut a bat shape once. Then she just lightly taped some to the inside of the shade and hung a few others from the metal rods that support the shade. I think it only took her like 20 minutes to do it.

  5. Thanks everyone!!! I was stupidly proud of my bat lamp.