Sunday, February 6, 2011

Demolition Man

A couple of posts ago we talked about getting new doors. Well, the doors are sitting in our carport while we wait on the doorlite kit to show up so everything can be installed. Hopefully all of that will happen this week. Since we like to work on a budget around here we decided to do some of the prep work ourselves. We were curious about this step because we did not know how the door would be framed behind the drywall.

Unfortunately when we removed the baseboard the hardwood was cut. It does not go all the way to the wall in front of the non functioning side of the door. This will have to addressed once the new door gets in. Part of me is considering removing some of the hardwood in front of the door and replacing it with some sort of tile. This way when our shoes are wet we wont be messing up the wood as much. Thoughts?

We were lucky to find that there was another door behind the drywall and that all of the framing is correct for double doors.

Since we were feeling good about the ease of the door prep we got ambitious and decided to tackle the ugly box in the wall. This thing has been an interesting conversation piece. Most people don't realize that this finely crafted box was covering the old AC unit that is still hanging out of the side of the house. I was always curious why a nice box was made instead of removing the AC unit. Well apparently the reason is that the AC unit is heavy as hell. At first we tried to take the easy way out and just push the unit outside the house. That was a quick failure. Then we thought about just pulling it out on the inside of the house. We figured, due to the weight, that this would end in a failure as well. So we decided we needed to try and take apart as much of the unit as possible in order to lighten it. After about 3 hours we probably took off about 15 pounds. It was starting to get dark outside so we decided to just go ahead and pull it out. Luckily we didn't die when it eventually came out but it got scary for a minute there.

I was very worried what were going to find growing or living in here but we were surprised how clean it was.

Once we got the guts of the AC unit out we still had trouble getting the damn housing off.

After a lot of banging and bending it eventually happened.

I think the temporary cardboard patch adds a nice DIY touch to the house.



Progress has never looked so crappy.

Hopefully in the next couple of days we can patch up the hole and make the house look normal from the outside for once.

End of line.


  1. Putting in an entry flooring treatment would be a nice touch to the space. Do you guys have any stone inside or outside your could match to?

  2. Other than a brick wall we don't have any other kind of stone in the house. Outside the door is just plain concrete steps. We want to redo the kitchen floor at some point so I was thinking whatever we do in front of the, if we do something, we could match what we end up doing in the kitchen. I think would help to tie that section of flooring in better.

  3. It's looking good. Our house has original pavers in the kitchen and hall areas. If you could source them, those could be great.

  4. What a great job you guys did - you'd never know there was once a big hole in the wall! That AC unit must have been wedged or fastened in there really good! I had no trouble at all a couple of years ago pushing mine out the window right into the flower bed. AC unit hasn't worked right since (I really didn't mean for it to go flying out the window!).

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